Sunday, 31 July 2011

The Crusader's Tale Update and a recently Edited Video for JT

Well, myself and the cast took a two week vacation two weeks ago and we're going back to filming this week. And we will be able to fulfill our promise as we will be producing the official trailer for The Crusader's Tale anywhere from August 7th to August 21st. There are only 11 days left of shooting so the movie will hopefully be completed in the fall. Can't wait to be finished! We've been filming the movie for three years and I will be content to (perhaps) move onto another production. So far we have two stories we are considering and might come up with others. So, stay tuned!

Also, we have a video which our studio edited for JT:

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Day 10 & 11 (And Rating Video)

Day 10 & 11status: COMPLETE

Day 10 was the first day of shooting the fight between Godfrey and Baldwin (and one of Baldwin's men) over the Grail. Day 11 was the finishing shots of it.

So far, we have now come to a problem: What should The Crusader's Tale be rated? Not by the official rating people of course, but I would like to at least give an idea that this video will have blood. We are debating on whether it should be rated PG-13 or R. For an example, I have the shots with the streams of blood and I would like to have the followers vote on which it should be, PG-13 or R:

And now, pictures!

"I'm Godfrey de Arnaud!"