Saturday, 14 January 2012

The Crusader's Tale - Part 13 & 14 (Final)

Here it is! The Final Battle! The Battle for the Grail Ends here! Godfey, even from the original story, was the champion of the church while Baldwin is the heretic attacking the church. The Grail is evidence of The Last Supper and hence, it is a symbol of the Church. Baldwin's plans, in case you don't remember, is to sell it to a well known, and corrupt, knight in the Church and then expose him, anonymously, thus causing a scandal, and perhaps, civil war in the Church. But, before he can, he must kill everyone who knows of his plans. This includes the seven Grail Lords (not including himself as he is also a Grail Lord): the five you haven't seen, Macar, and Godfrey. So, without further ado, The Crusader's Tale - Part 13:

And now, after three years, Danny has finally finished his first full length production! It's been a long journey. This marks the end of our journey. All that is left to post are bloopers, commentaries, and stuff like that. And perhaps, in a few years, we can provide you with an extended edition... who knows... without further ado, The Crusader's Tale - Part 14:

We hope you enjoyed this project as much as we enjoyed watching it. Making it is an entirely different matter. So, please comment and tell us what you thought. Please stay tuned for our 2012 short production of G.K. Chesterton's Fr. Brown Series.

-The Cast & Crew of Lord and Lady Productions


  1. That was a great ending to an EPIC movie! Next week, I'm going to FORCE my brothers in here to watch all of it. I know what you mean about watching being different from making. Have you ever watched National Treasure? It has some to do with Templars. Well, they've made 2 of them, so we made a preview for what the third might be. We spent half an hour clambering up and down a rocky hill side in freezing weather, and my youngest brother was frozen, but when we put it all together, with music and all, it was SO worth it. Can't wait to see Fr. Brown's mysteries.

  2. I loved you movie! No, really, I loved it! I just watched it and didn't let my sister get on the computer till I had watched the whole thing. I hope Father Brown goes well. I have read Saradine and the rest of the stories in the Innocence of Father Brown. I love them! Great job guys!


  3. ya'll did a great job! I really enjoyed it! :D


  4. Thank you! GL is coming!

    -Lord and Lady


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