Sunday, 4 November 2012

Grail Lords Production Day 2

Day 2 status: COMPLETE

This was the first FULL day of shooting, and we're expecting more soon. A success, to say the least. We have estimated 4-6 more days of shooting, some now, and the other in the early spring. Hence, we can estimate a finished film by Christmas, 2013 at latest, but everyone know's out notoriety of LONG periods of finished estimates...


May we introduce Amar de Ridefort, Knights Teutonic and Grail Lord

And again
May we introduce Martin Tiberius, Knights Templar and Grail Lord

And... him...

Food on set! Love it!

 Aye! And Root Beer!

Pile of... stuff.. 

Sandwich anyone?

And chips! Lots of chips! Veddy good!

Boy, you're gonna get it...

Tiberius: There's blood on it now...

Me again...

May we introduce Julius Adhemar, Knights Hospitaller and Grail Lord


The Unsheathing of Swords

Man you're ugly...

Shut up...

I really think you're gonna get this shot right... this time...
No, seriously! I do!

Roderick: The trees, the skies, the stars, the stones of Rome, the very ground we kneel upon today

I hate this line...
Incoming days of productions!
- The Cast and Crew of Lord and Lady Productions


  1. Looks like so much fun! Love the costumes!


  2. Thanks! We were trying for a more realistic wardrobe department this time.

  3. It looks far better! Knock em dead. (I hope the new guys can act better than you can... hehehe)

  4. Awesome! Maybe I just missed it, but who are you (TSP)playing?

  5. TSP (Danny) is playing Baron Roderick d'Glastonbury.

  6. what kind of camcorder do you use?



"I'm Godfrey de Arnaud!"