Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Grail Lords Production - Day 3

Grail Lords Production status: COMPLETE

Day 3 was yeaterday. One of the scenes filmed was Baldwin's monologue. It went excelently!

Cracking up on set

I liked it!

Anger management...

Waving with an arrow in you, what a warrior.


The Templar

Wait, let me think about this...

I will spit what is in my mouth at you, if you don't do this scene right...

The Chipped end of an axe

Gottfrid via Galliard!

The Baron, Roderick d'Glastonbury

The Adhemar

I hate this director...

Amar de Ridefort

Chex Mix!!!

Baldwin de Fallard

Knife Fighting
About 1-3 days of filming left before winter break. Until then, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!
-The Cast and Crew of Lord and Lady Productions


  1. It looks great! Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. Great pictures... lol at the giant bag of chex mix. Tell me it's real...:D


"I'm Godfrey de Arnaud!"