Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Grail Lords Begins - Shooting Day 1

It all begins! The filming begins and we are hoping to get some more in soon!


David Just being funky...

2/7 Grail Lords... And Behold! The first glimpse of
Gottfrid via Galliard

Tony (anxiously waiting to be in costume)
The Sword of Amar de Ridefort

The Sword of Julius Adhemar
The Sword of Baron Roderick de Glastenbury

The Infamous Shield of Gottfrid via Galliard

The Director... in Camouflage

The Mystical Grounds of Camelot

Macar de Arnaud

Macar: Just stay there, Godfrey! I'll... be back...

David: You gotta be kidding... another take...
(Yes, we took that shot about eleven times)

Danny again...

What? You don't like Danny's technique? Good...
Because a director is not to be loved but respected!!!!!
... or at least that's what Danny'd say

Shooting a shot... Gabriel took the picture and the camera picked up the sound,
so we had to shoot it again

Macar: Just stay there...

The Sword of Martin Tiberius
I truly hoped you enjoyed this as much as we did. It really feels like "old times" (the days of TCT last year) doesn't it?
God Bless!
-The Cast and Crew of Grail Lords

Monday, 8 October 2012

Grail Lords Update

For the first time in a long time, we are right on schedule. We now have all costumes designed and being finished. The props are being picked up tonight. We are going with real steel props (real swords for each Grail Lord). We will begin shooting sometime this week, when we will have the first production post instead of a pre-production post such as this one. We are also hoping to get pictures of some of the actors try on the costumes as well as looking over the lines. Rumor is in the wind of a Crusader's Tale post-production, which will entail an extended edition version of the legendary tail of Godfrey de Arnaud, inspired by Grail Lords. But, of course, it's only a rumor... and might not even be possible.

I hope you are all as excited for this film as we are. We thank you for your support and bid you all, a hearty farewell until the inevitable future,

-The Cast and Crew of Grail Lords
"I'm Godfrey de Arnaud!"