Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The Crusader's Tale - Part 2

Part 2 is ready to be shown! Now, we cannot guarantee all scenes will come out as fast as this, but we'll try our best. Now for this scene, as well as the rest of the scenes, we have put subtitles. Without subtitles, as we didn't have a shotgun mic, the dialogue is pretty hard to hear. So, without further ado, The Crusader's Tale - Part 2:

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-The Cast & Crew of Lord and Lady Productions


  1. Talk about a cliff hanger ending!

  2. Are you posting these every other day? I'm sure most of them will have cliffhanger endings, then :) How many episodes are there, all together?

  3. What! Are you just going to leave us hanging? What is going to happen to the poor priest? Did he die? If he did then I am very disappointed. I liked him.
    Also, why is Godfrey so angry all the time? I mean, I know that he is sad about his family and that might just be the way his sadness comes out, but why did he have to be mean to the priest who was nice and was going to be killed or injured very soon. All on account of Godfrey!
    Well, I will just have to watch the next movie.

  4. Yes! I AM going to leave you hanging! Muahaha! I'm actually sorry you liked him... because I didn't! :P Explanation: I figured this problem would arise, so I now explain. Godfrey has been hardened against God and man by the bloody battles of cold Northern France. He, a peasant is seeing the corruption of the Barons of France, and wonders why God would not intervene. Then, he blames God for allowing his family to die a year before he got home. As the movie goes on, he slowly becomes an atheist only to be saved by the mysterious Macar de Arnaud. Towards the end... well, you'll see the film.


"I'm Godfrey de Arnaud!"