Sunday, 4 December 2011


We have chosen our productions for the year of 2012! Firstly, there has been a studio split. Mel8 Studio has been closed, and we now have our own personall studio in which we make shorter and more modern films which we will call Visualize Studio and we also work for Paul Xavier's Lord and Lady Productions in which we make our "epics." So, each year, we will have two productions, a smaller one and a larger one.

For the year of 2012, Visualize Productions will present G.K. Chesterton's Fr. Brown Series (selects). We will be choosing two, at least, stories. The ones we are observing at present are The Prince of Saradine and The Salad of Colonel Cray. As of December 1st, we went into pre-production and will remain in pre until March 29th and coninue in production until (at most) June.

And, for the year of 2012, Lord and Lady Production will present "E N I G M A". A WWII story of 5 British commandos in 1941 on a special mission which changes when they find something never seen by the allies ever before. We will go into pre-production in June, and will remain in pre until July 4th, and then go into production until November 18th.

The list of Cast and Crew and some pictures will come in Febuary.

TCT update: We are trying to meet December 11th, and we are ALMOST done editing! Keep praying and hoping!

-The Cast & Crew of Lord and Lady Productions & Visualize Productions

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