Friday, 13 January 2012

Origins (And The Crusader's Tale - Part 12)

I love origins! Speaking of which, we have decided to take you back 4-6 years ago when a certain Paul Xavier decided to attempt something which looked like a typical homemade movie making project. In 2008 he left a post on his website in which he started a studio he called "Lord and Lady Productions" underneath the link, you will see a link which says: "The Crusader's Tale - Homemade Film Script," and if you click that, it will take you to the original script for TCT which took us two years of ideas and raw footage to decide on the story we have now. Considering it was Paul Xavier's first try at a script, please stifle those few chuckles you're gonna get.

In the original story, Godfrey de Arnaud's name was actually Macar de Blendil. And his father was a leper. Two additional character we added later were Baldwin and Fr.Le Vigny. Originally, the priest had no name. But we dubbed him Fr. Bibost. Their was no real villain in the original, and the film had no climactic ending, just simply, either, leaving you to decide how it should end or the necessity for the makers to make a sequel. Seeing the need for a real villain, Paul Xavier rewrote it for us with a new villain: Baldwin.

2009 saw Danny having failed many films. The film he had promised a friend living in CA was impossible to create and was, hence, shelved. Then, his attempts to film a rewritten version of the Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring was also failed. He was then prepared to go back to just making small homemade films. In August of 2009, he found himself on the phone with Paul Xavier and began asking a question he had thought about, but was skeptical of the idea. "I've read your script of The Crusader's Tale on your blog and was wondering, would you give us permission you make it under the name of Lord and Lady Productions as you haven't been able to film it yet?" Paul gave permission and, almost immediately, we began shooting the original story.

After trying this version on for size, we found it not able to be an epic film. And wrote another version. This one, we attempted to film, but found it needed something extra and wrote, yet again, another version. This one, we merged version 1 and version 2 to come up with the story we have now. There has been no original scripts for the story we have now. It was a story of our own ideas. We never took the time to write down, officially. It was all left up to Danny's memory and imagination. And hence, we are now done shooting, and almost done with the post-production.

Now, We have Part 12. Part 12 has the film subtitles which are more readable. This is a dream scene, just to let you know. Some people didn't know what it was. So, without further ado, The Crusader's Tale - Part 12:

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