Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Behind Schedule

Unfourtunately, Lord and Lady Production is behind schedule with the trailers for her first production, The Crusader's Tale. They are all prepared, but as JJ productions asked, us we are considering making a youtube channel. We are not sure yet, but you will find out in about a week, and by then you will have them at your disposal.

Now is the time!

All followers and people who read this blog but do not follow it and may not have a blog, if you have a facebook page, or anything similar, spread the word! Let everyone known it's coming out! Post on you blog the updates, post MANY links to Lord and Lady Productions! When the trailers come out, I will endeavor to make it available for the followers to publish on their own blogs if possible. Please try to spread the news around about The Crusader's Tale! Thank you! And stay tuned!

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