Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Day 18, 19, & 20: The Last Days of Shooting

Day 18 status: COMPLETE

Day 18 we shot the scenes before and after the battle shot on day 7 & 8, as well as the redo of a death scene.

Unfortunately, we have only one picture:
Day 19 status: COMPLETE

Day 19 we shot one of the ending scenes.

Can you guess who that character is in the picture?

Day 20 status, and the last day of shooting: COMPLETE!!!!!!!

Yes, we are done shooting The Crusader's Tale. On day 20 we filmed three different scenes and we have one picture:

The Shooting of The Crusader's Tale is finished and we are now moving onto editing. We are hoping and praying that we can produce a 40+ min. film for anyone's enjoyment.

Stay tuned!

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  1. I'm sure it's you, but you've done such a job on your face I wouldn't be surprised if you had got someone older to shoot the scene!:D


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