Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Apologies and Postponement

Unfortunately, Dan's computer is so backed up with so much information, we have to back up his computer and then begin editing TCT, we have tried and failed but we have figured out why and are going to try it again. Hence, the film still has a few parts to be edited and then put together. As you can see, Dan cannot possibly get the film edited in four days... impossible... so, we are postponing the "premier" of The Crusader's Tale until December 11th. We apologize for doing more postponements, and wish there was a way to show the film this friday, but it is completely out of the question. If you REALLY want to see the film earlier then December 11th, then start storming Heaven with prayers!

Once again, we apologize, and we wish you a Happy THANKSGIVING!!!! NOT A MERRY CHRISTMAS UNTIL ADVENT OFFICIALLY BEGINS!!!!!

-The Cast of The Crusader's Tale


  1. This is an interesting proyect, i like the hooded costume, but im sure you can do much better with the coif, try to use 16 gauge on 8mm of intern diameter on the rings :) it looks realy good, btw, what is the material you used on the hood costume? :) cheers, nicely done

  2. We tried to use mail on Godfrey, as Macar and Baldwin both wore some, made from 16 guage rings, but it isn't historically correct for a peasent to wear mail... the hood was suede. Thank you for your interest and please follow us!


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