Wednesday, 26 December 2012


Yes, oh yes! There is now Lord and Lady Productions Merchandise! If you go to the website below, you will find all of our current products. We're planning on making more soon. They come in various different sizes colors. We're planning on adding baseball hats, and other stuff. Enjoy: -Merry Christmas from Lord and Lady Productions


  1. Sooo, when are you going to release it???? It's been forever!

  2. Well, due to snowy cold weather, we had to stop filming in late November and will be starting in about a month. When that happens, you can expect many more updates such as at least three more trailers, behind the scenes, character/actor bios, director and actor featurettes, filming updates, editing updates, sneak peaks, and at last, (we're giving ourselves a good long time), the film itself in December (if we get done earlier, it will come out earlier. Looking forward to seeing it ourselves... lol. Laudate Jesu Christi!


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