Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Pre-Production On Visualize Production's Latest Project

There's a difference between Lord and Lady Productions and Visualize Productions. We work for Lord and Lady, but when I got some requests to edit some films for other people, I had to make another studio in which we did that. We called it Visualize Productions. Visualize Productions now, every year, will make either four or five short clips, or one longer, 20-30 minute film. Lord and Lady, every year, will focus more on the dramatic, long, hard plots and will film one in a year. This year, Lord and Lady Productions is attempting to make Grail Lords, while Visualize is in pre-production for Fr. Brown.

So far the only thing we're doing in pre-production is writing the script, which should be finished soon. Also, we have selected the Fr. Brown story we will film:

The Prince of Saradine

I found this story to mix best with it's mix of comedy as well as drama. We are forced to cut out a lot of scenes as well as some of the characters (such as Mrs. Anthony), But we have added other parts to fill it in. It may be a little changed, but know that it is the best we can do. We have decided to make only one, as we can afford only one. Let it be known, Visualize Productions and L&L are hard on cash. This productions will begin shooting sometime in March and end shooting in June, and shall be premiering in December at the very latest. Trailers can be expected in July. Also, the posters will be available in April.

Wish us luck!

-Dan Mellino, Director for Lord and Lady Productions and Visualize Productions

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  1. That sounds great! We also make movies and it is great to find another director/screenwriter/costume designer/choreographer. Choreographing is definitely something we could work on in our movies so if you have any tips feel free to tell me. I wish you luck!



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