Friday, 15 June 2012

Lord and Lady Productions Update

Greetings! As you know, our two under-consideration-projects for this year were Fr. Brown: The Prince of Saradine and Grail Lords. Over the past few months Lord and Lady Productions have had their time off in preparing and seeing if Fr. Brown was gonna work. Unfortunately, it didn't. When the time came, we found our funds not being able to carry the load of the film and it was shelved. Sorry about that. Anyway, we won't be making Fr. Brown but Grail Lords is still under serious considerations. The main problem this time isn't funds. Costumes are being designed, chain mail is being worked on for various characters, and weapons are under constructions. The script has already been started on for basic ideas but without definite lines. Most of the lines are written then slightly revised to fit the actor's character on set. For instance, Danny may have written the line for Macar as this really dramatic line, but David, playing Macar, finds he plays the line better angrily and so he is allowed to say it like that.

While we're on the subject, we now have the characters you will see in Grail Lords:
Macar de Arnaud
Baldwin de Fallard
Martin Tiberius
Sir Roderick Xavier
Julius Adhemar
Amar de Ridefort
Gottfrid via Galliard

As for casting, we have a rough estimate, but nothing we can announce publicly yet. We truly hope and pray this one goes through. Wish us luck and spread the word around!

- The Cast and Crew of Lord and Lady Productions

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  1. I love Wish you success on all your projects!

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